Window Treatments Glossary Part Two

April 29, 2022 0 Comments

A painted, stained, papered or fabric covered wooden frame mounted horizontally above a window to cover the drapery heading. The Lower edge may be plain or scalloped to a specific design


A type of stiff interfacing that is attached to the under-side of the heading and gives strength to hold the pleats in place

Criss cross Double Glazing Sash Windows Thanet curtains

Extra-wide, ruffled, sheer panels hung so that one overlaps the other; suitable for the use in double-hung, bay and picture windows

Curtains (sheers)

Fabric gathered onto a rod by the means of a rod pocket at the top or at the top and bottom; can be stationary. or adjustable. Has an Informal look.

Custom made draperies

Draperies made from very accurate measurements in custom sewing rooms from an unlimited choice of fabrics and linings; the most expensive type of drapery available from retail stores or designers; usually pro-fessionally installed

Cut length

The length of fabric which must be.cut from the yard goods to allow enough fabric for the finished length plus heading and hem

Decorative rod

A metal or wooden curtain or traverse rod which has rings and finials.

Dormer window

A small window set in an alcove-like extension of the roof.

Double hung window (sash window)

A window with two sashes, one or both of which slide up and down.


Window treatment that has a pleated heading and provides a formal look.

Drapery hook

A metal pin used to fasten the drapery heading to the glides on a traverse rod