Why You Need To Fit Parking Sensors To Your Pride And Joy

June 11, 2022 0 Comments

Don’t be another statistic – fit your car, caravan horsebox or motor home with a rear parking sensor kit or a reversing camera system before its too late and you scratch, dent or even have an accident in your pride and joy.

You might crack a light cluster, pull off the bumper or damage another vehicle- Either way it’s going to cost you an arm and leg to repair not to mention the headache and time needed to book your car, van, lorry etc into your local service center or garage.

I myself have had to cancel a holiday recently due to a slight miss judgment while reverse parking my caravan on my local petrol station forecourt. Not only did I rip a two foot hole in the side of my new Swift Caravan but also managed to completely mangle a metal advertising display which almost caused a fire due to shorted electrical system.

As you can imagine my wife wasn’t best pleased due to the embarrassment and drama that followed the chaos caused during a busy Sunday afternoon at a packed Esso. I was only there to fill up before we set off on our 2 week holiday around the South of France.

Most of you will only explore the world of parking sensors or reversing cameras once you have had a little accident- Trust me you don’t know the time and money required to fix the problem…

Therefore investigate installing a wireless parking sensor kit or maybe a wireless camera system if you can stretch the budget. I now have both which has been the best investment i have ever made. They are very easy to install with only 2 power wires to connect to your vehicle 12 or 24 volt wiring loom.

Normally the rear sensors or camera can be wired into the anpr camera ┬áreversing light cluster which is very straight forward. The monitor or display can be powered from the cigarette lighter socket in the front and that’s it.

If you want to learn more about these systems I have found a great source of information I’m happy to share.
Please click on the link below to save yourself a world of pain.

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