Proper Nutrition And Meal Planning Provide Keys To Bodybuilding Success

June 6, 2022 0 Comments

I’m continually amazed whenever I encounter people who complain that they’re not seeing any progress in the mirror from their workouts, but they refuse to limit their consumption of sugary and fatty foods. It’s truly amazing that so many people mistakenly believe that as long as they’re working out they can eat anything in sight, regardless of its nutrient composition. If you’re one of these people (and I sincerely hope that you’re not) prepare for a reality check! No matter how hard you workout, you can’t build a lean, muscular body on a diet that is high in fat or sugar. No way, no how – it just won’t happen. Period!

Consider the following as an illustration of what happens when you workout without also keeping an eye on what you eat. If you watch professional football or national level competitive powerlifting, you’ll see huge offensive lineman and super- heavyweight powerlifters who are tremendously strong. These athletes have developed incredible strength through years of intense weight training. But unlike bodybuilders and other fitness athletes, many offensive linemen and powerlifters don’t worry about limiting their dietary fat and sugar consumption when it’s time to “chow down” at meal time.

As a result, these powerful athletes often appear blubbery and out of shape despite their Herculean efforts in the gym. While I have great respect for what offensive linemen and sarms for bulking super-heavyweight powerlifters accomplish in their respective sports, the fact remains that I wouldn’t want to look like these guys after spending weeks, months and years sweating my guts out in the gym.

The hard truth is that proper nutrition is essential to the success of every bodybuilding or weight-training program. And this rule applies even if you’re not a competitive bodybuilder or fitness athlete. During my many years of training I’ve learned that there is nothing worse than working hard in the gym and then masking hard earned muscle with layers of body fat!

To ensure that you see the results of your hard work you must use some discipline at meal time. I’m not suggesting that you maintain the type of strict pre-contest diet that competitive bodybuilders use. I am, however, advising you that healthy eating habits will facilitate muscle growth, enhance muscular definition and minimize body fat.

Since the objective of any weight-training program is to build muscle and power, you must consume sufficient quantities of high quality, low-fat sources of complete protein each day. By “complete” protein I mean the form of this nutrient available in fish, meat and dairy products that contain all of the essential amino acids necessary to build muscle.