Online Bingo and Calls

April 16, 2022 0 Comments

There have been some changed in the transposition of the game of bingo into the online form of the game as we know it today. The biggest change has been seen in the way the game is played. This has not seen changes to the rules taking place, only that the software program has certain features that are not available to member of the land based form of the game. This is mostly seen in autodaub.

It essentially means that your numbers are dabbed by the program, so you can busy yourself chatting away to roomies, making a cup of tea or playing in a side game. In the meantime the game continues playing and the caller, calls the numbers. Bingo calls haven’t changed in anyway, and many online bingo sites pre-record the numbers called, by their own CM’s or by a famous bingo calling or other personality. One site, I can’t recall which judi slot online one off the top of my head, ran a competition where parents sent in recorded messages of their children calling certain numbers, so each number is now called by the voice of a different child.

Just the same as numbers are randomly generated in any game of bingo, they are randomly generated in online games. Each of the number has its own unique rhyming slang in the 90 ball game and this was engendered many years ago as a way to entertain the bingo players. Bingo callers are well respected personalities in communities and there is even an annual online bingo caller of the year competition. Sadly this competition was cancelled last year, and I have not seen much to indicate that another will be held this year.

People enjoy hearing the numbers called in this way and it has transitioned over to the online form of the game. Regardless of how old fashioned these calls may seem they really have stuck. Many new calls have been made up to suit the time, but the old players like the old name and even we younger players would rather hear them called, they have become familiar to us and we have grown up with them.