Hoodia Gordonii – Top Five Reasons Why Liquid Hoodia is the Best Choice

April 21, 2022 0 Comments

Unless you are a hermit you must have heard of the much sought after hoodia gordonii weight loss products today. Hoodia is known to aid dieters by helping them suppress their appetite when the power of the mind and human will fails. There are many types of hoodia gordonii products now from patches, gum, tablet, capsules, tea, powder and liquid. Many would say that liquid hoodia is much more effective than other types of hoodia products and here are the five top reasons why.


Liquid hoodia was created most especially for people who find it difficult to swallow or take hoodia in the form of tablets and capsules and also for those with medical problems related to the digestive system. It is convenient because it will be either taken mixed in water or beverages or you just can put few drops under your tongue for fast action.


Tablets and capsules usually have fillers or binders that leave a bad after taste in the mouth. Liquid hoodia on the other hand can either have a neutral taste or can taste really good depending on the extracts used which can be water, vinegar and alcohol. If you don’t like the taste of alcohol you can choose water based liquid hoodia because it is easier to mix it in water or in your drinks.

Fast acting

Tablets and capsules take time to digests because it has binders, fillers and has a special coating that needs to be broken down before it will finally go to the blood stream. Liquid hoodia on the other hand does not need to be digested for the obvious reason that it is in its liquid form. It will just automatically go to the blood stream and within few minutes after it was taken Testo Prime 30 minutes before you will feel it shutting down your body’s natural mechanism for hunger and suppress your appetite.

High absorption level

Studies have shown that the human body absorbs active ingredients in liquid more from 95-98 percent compared to tablets and capsules which is only 2-20 percent. That is why in prescription drugs the dosage is match higher if you are taking tablets or capsules compared to liquid. Liquid hoodia has high absorption level in the body than hoodia tablets and capsules.